A Message To Lancaster County Citizens

Our County-wide Community Commitment to Public Safety 

In 2005, a partnership of the County, the City, the business community and our Lancaster City Police Foundation came together to provide the Lancaster Police over three million dollars of additional funding over three years to fully-staff the City force. Chief William Heim formed a volunteer citizen auxiliary to serve in clerical positions to get more officers on the street. These measures boost City Police manpower and enable it to implement plans to further reduce crime in the City. Their goals are to further reduce violent crimes as well as cut property and nuisance crimes in the City – and they are having success. And that success results in better quality of life and higher property values.

While our neighbors in the City are stepping up to their responsibilities and putting the “heat” on criminal activity, it is not the time for those of us who reside outside the City to take a step back. Our challenge is to support these efforts and keep the pressure on the criminal element. At this time of renewed community investment in public safety problems, we all have a role to play.

A safe and secure Lancaster City is vital to everyone in the County. It affects those of us who work, shop and attend functions in the City. It affects the safety of our families who go there. It affects our property values. It affects businesses looking to relocate here and create jobs for our young people.

We need the help of everyone “invested” in the public safety of the City to keep moving forward, and we appreciate the generous financial support of those who have contributed to the Foundation.