Teaching Educating And Mentoring

The T.E.A.M. program was developed in 1998 by the Michigan State Police Prevention Services Section.

In 2001, Officers of the Lancaster Bureau of Police, through the School District of Lancaster (SDoL), attended a T.E.A.M. Instructional Acadamey at the Michigan State Police Academy in Lansing, MI.

The T.E.A.M. lessons were started in the SDoL at the beginning of the 2001—2003 school year. Throughout the years, officers have taught between 900—1,000 lessons yearly in the SDoL. Through the efforts of this program, currently there are six (5) officers of the Lancaster Bureau of Police that are employed within the SDoL as School Resource Officers (SRO's). Two officers are assigned at the high school level, and the other three officers are assigned at the middle school level.

The success of the T.E.A.M. & SRO programs within the SDoL was researched by the Safe Schools Healthy Students Program. The facts uncovered a 57% decrease in the Juvenile arrest rate within the city from 2005 to 2007 and a 62% decrease from 2006—2007. The SDoL also saw a 42% decrease in expulsions during the 2006—2007 school year.

The T.E.A.M Coordinator for the Lancaster Bureau of Police is Officer Kirk Wolfe.   Currently, all six SRO's working in the SDoL are certified to instruct T.E.A.M. 

T.E.A.M. Curriculum

(GRADES K, 1, 2)

I KNOW MY BIG 5 SAFETY RULES - Designed to help acquaint the students with some very basic safety rules.

WHAT IS 911? - Designed to make students aware of how and when to call for help.

SOMEONE SPECIAL, SOMEONE SAFE - Designed to provide information on traffic, bicycle, and pedestrian safety.

I HAVE A PLAN - Designed for fire safety.

LET'S LEARN ABOUT GUN SAFETY - Designed to provide young people with gun safety rules.

COMPUTERS AND YOU - Designed to have students better understand the purpose of a computer.

GET READY GET SAFE - Designed to acquaint students to prepare and feel safe during emergency situations.

BEING A GOOD FRIEND AND CLASSMATE - Designed for bullying prevention in schools.

(Grades 3, 4, 5)

WHY DO WE HAVE RULES AND LAWS? - Designed to help familiarize with the basic understanding and importance of rules and laws.

I WILL STAY SAFE - Designed to provide students on how to avoid dangerous situations.

DRUGS ARE DANGEROUS - Designed for drug education.

FIRE SAFETY IS IMPORTANT TO ME - Designed for fire safety.

LET'S STOP AND THINK ABOUT GUN SAFETY - Designed to provide students with key gun safety rules.

THE INTERNET: STAY SAFE AND HAVE FUN - Designed to provide students with awareness of the possible internet dangers.

FEELING SAFE AND SECURE - Designed for the importance of how to act during an emergency.

DON'T BE A BULLY, BE A FRIEND - Designed for bullying prevention in schools.

(Grades 6, 7, 8)

LAWS AND RULES—WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE - Designed to improve citizenship skills of students.

CRIME AND THE COMMUNITY - Designed to help teens recognize crime.

BEING SAFE MEANS RECOGNIZING DANGER - Designed to help teans recognize crime.

VIOLENCE DOES NOT BELONG IN MY SCHOOL - Designed to help educate students on the cause and effect of violence in schools.

FIRE PREVENTION BEGINS WITH ME - Designed for fire safety.

GUN SAFETY WE CAN LIVE WITH - Designed to help students recognize that the misues of weapons can lead to serious matters.

SAFETY IN CYBERSPACE - Designed to help teen fully understand possible dangers on the internet.

TAKE ACTION - Designed to teach the student the importance of Homeland Security.

BYSTANDERS ARE THE SOLUTION - Designed for bullying in middle schools.

(Grades 9, 10, 11, 12)

UNDERSTANDING LAW ENFORCEMENT - Designed to give student realistic picture of law enforcement.

THE LAW AND YOU - Designed to give students the realistic picture on how the law is applied.

PERSONAL SAFETY - Designed to bring teen the awareness of Sexual Crimes & Offenses.

GANGS AND VIOLENCE - Designed to show the dangers of belonging to gangs.

UNDERSTANDING THE COURT SYSTEM - Designed to provide the students with an educational lecture on the roles and functions of the court system.


GUN SAFETY BEGINS WITH YOU - Designed to introduce students to state and federal gun laws.

RESPONSIBLE INTERNET USE - Designed to educate students on personal protection awareness regarding the internet.

A RELATIONSHIP IS NO PLACE FOR VIOLENCE - Designed to provide knowledge of the extend, causes, and solutions of dating violence.

HOMELAND SECURITY: EVERY CITIZEN'S RESPONSIBILITY - Designed to introduce students of the possible warning signs of terrorism.

DEFENSIVE DRIVING: ARRIVE ALIVE - Designed for the beginning driver.

BULLYING AWARENESS FOR HIGH SCHOOL - Designed for high school-level bullying prevention.